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Litter Tray with Sieve

The K9 Homes Pet Products Oval Cat Litter Tray is fitted with a sand sifting bottom tray and a top outer rim to prevent litter scatter.
This litter tray is ideal for cats who do not like covered litter boxes and you will love the fact it is fitted with a top outer rim that helps prevent litter Scatter.
Collecting waste from the oval tray is made easy by the sand sifter. Simply lift and shake the tray to clear solid waste.

B314-blkOval Shaped Cat Litter Tray with Sieve
L60 x W40 x H17cm - Black
-RRP $41.90  

Oval Shaped Wire Carry Cage

Small animal carrier features sturdy and secure wire top with built in carrying handle and a snap on plastic base with comfort tray included for easy cleaning and pet comfort.
Top opening door
Included: Comfort Tray.

CC09-blkOval Shaped Wire Carry Cage, top opening door
57x40xH33cm - Black Base
RRP $71.50  
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From the Sea Pet Treats

Healthy Natural Seafood Pet Treat Range
Ocean's Finest Fish Treats for Dogs
Click on the "more info" button to read what health benefits the 100% Natural Seafood Pet Treat Range can offer your pet.

Introductory prices available
Purchase mixed:
48 pieces take 15%off
24 pieces take 10%off

DC425-aShark Cartilage Sea Sticks
RRP $9.99  
DC426-aBig Bite Flake Fillets
RRP $14.99  
DC427-aOcean Nibble Sea Jerky
RRP $11.99  
DC428-aFish Twists Dental Sticks
RRP $12.99  
DC429-aPacific Straps Sea Skins
RRP $12.99  
DC431-aVariety Pack
RRP $14.99  
DC432-aDelish Fish Hearty Heads
RRP $10.99  
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From the Sea Pet Treats Bulk

Healthy Natural Seafood Pet Treat Range
Ocean's Finest Fish Treats for Dogs
(Bulk Packed)

DC430-bLittle Fish Omega Snacks
RRP $125.37  

Christmas Circular Scratch Pad

Round Corrugated Scratcher, 2 balls interactive with catnip

K9DCP008-bluCircular Running Ball
Dia 33 x H6cm - Blue
RRP $31.40  

Christmas Mice 2 pack

K9HTPP006Sherpa Mice with HatsRRP $9.83  

Dog Christmas Emoji

Christmas Emoji's with full size squeaks
No Polyester filling

K9HTPP016Frown Emoji
Dia 17cm
RRP $7.98  

Christmas Mice Striped and Hat

K9IP0012 Christmas Mice with Catnip, Green Stripes and Red HatRRP $6.24  

Christmas Mice Green and Red

K9IP002Christmas Mice Red and GreenRRP $2.48  

Christmas Mice in Hats

K9IP003Mice Popping out of Hats with Crinkly HatRRP $7.52  

Scratch Pad

Scratch Pad

LB-0070Scratch Pad with Catnip
47 x 12 x H4.5cm
RRP $6.47  
LB-0080-MScratch Pad with Catnip
46 x 26 x H3.5cm
RRP $8.11  
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Seat Belt Strap

LC536Car Restraint Safety Belt - BlackRRP $8.95  
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Cat/Kitten Starter Kit

The Cat/Kitten Starter Kit takes the hassle out of stocking many single items, instead 1 pack gives you everything needed for your customer to get up and running with their new addition to the family.
-All plastic ware and Cat litter Made in Australia
What the Kit includes
Litter Tray
Litter Scoop
Double Dinner
Collar with Bell

LT001-blkStarter Kit - BlackRRP $30.30  
LT001-bluStarter Kit - BlueRRP $30.30  
LT001-pnkStarter Kit - PinkRRP $30.30  
LT001-purStarter Kit - PurpleRRP $30.30  
LT001-redStarter Kit - RedRRP $30.30