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Carry Cages

Australian Made from a strong high density plastic casing with a secure double pin locking door.
All cages include comfort trays, water/feed bowls & water funnels.
To avoid any imitations, please look for the product registration trademark on top of the cage when making a purchase. These are the only cages currently approved for airline travelling.
-Australian Made
-Meets stringent IATA regulations
-Qantas recommended
-Airline Approved
-International Quality Certified
Other Features include
-Cable Tie door locking options
-Handle grip points
-Tie down strapping points
-Ribbed grip handle for extra comfort

CC01Airline Approved Carry Cage
Small (PP20) L53xW37xH37cm
3.0kg - Blue/White
RRP $112.00  
CC10Airline Approved Carry Cage
Medium (PP30) L62xW41xH45cm
4.4kg - Blue/White
-RRP $142.10  
CC02Airline Approved Carry Cage
Large (PP40) L73xW45xH53cm
5.0kg - Blue/White
RRP $149.08  
CC50Airline Approved Carry Cage
XLarge (PP50) L82xW56xH60cm
7.0kg - Blue/White
RRP $318.60  
CC60Airline Approved Carry Cage
2XLarge (PP60) L94xW62xH74cm
8.0kg - Blue/White
RRP $557.86  
CC70Airline Approved Carry Cage
3XLarge (PP70) L115xW66xH80cm
-RRP $585.00  
CC80-LAirline Approved Carry Cage
Known as PP80-L
4XLarge (PP80-L extension) L115xW66xH85cm
RRP $749.00  
CC80-HAirline Approved Carry Cage
Known as PP80-H
5XLarge (PP80-H extension) L115xW66xH90cm
-RRP $890.00  
CC80-L-kitCC80 Low Extension KitRRP $182.00  
CC80-H-kitCC80 High Extension KitRRP $234.00  
944 no image available

Carry Cages Boxed L3 - AO

CC01*3*PP20 L3Airline Approved Carry Cage (2 x Boxes of 3)
Small (PP20) L53xW37xH37cm
-RRP $510.72  
CC10*2*PP30 L3Airline Approved Carry Cage (3 x Box of 2)
Medium (PP30) L62xW41xH45cm
-RRP $685.44  
CC02*2*PP40 L3Airline Approved Carry Cage (2 x Boxes of 2)
Large (PP40) L53xW37xH37cm
-RRP $501.76  
CC50*2*PP50 L3Airline Approved Carry Cage (2 x Boxes of 2)
XLarge (PP50) L82xW56xH60cm
-RRP $1,019.52  
CC60*2*PP60 L3Airline Approved Carry Cage (2 x Boxes of 2)
2XLarge (PP60) L94xW62xH74cm
-RRP $1,519.60  
CC70*2*PP70 L3Airline Approved Carry Cage (Box of 2)
3XLarge (PP70) L115xW66xH80cm
-RRP $1,228.00  
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Oval Shaped Wire Carry Cage

Small animal carrier features a sturdy and secure wire top with a built-in carrying handle and a snap-on plastic base.
The K9 Homes Pet Products Oval shaped wire carrier is suitable for most cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, etc.
This carrier is top loading making it easier to lower a cat or animal into the carrier. Easier than the open end type of carrier, thus removing the struggle and stress of travelling with your cat.
The mesh sides have the advantage of being incredibly strong and allow the cat or animal full vision of the surroundings and for you to see in.
Equipped with a comfort tray insert floor to give your cat more comfort.
These carriers are the best, used by Vet's in their surgeries, animal welfare organisations and professional animal breeders throughout Australia and abroad.
Top opening door
Comfort Tray
Easy to clean

CC09-blkOval Shaped Wire Carry Cage, top opening door
57x40xH33cm - Black Base
RRP $69.95  
CC09-bluOval Shaped Wire Carry Cage, top opening door
57x40xH33cm - Blue Base
-RRP $69.95  

Pet Carrier

An economical carrier made from cardboard with ample air vent holes for your pet's safety. Folds flat for easy storage.

CC99Pet Carrier Cardboard Box
Qty 15pcs
RRP $13.75  

Cage Bowls

Food/Water bowls and Water Funnels for Flight Carriers, Carry Cages, Boarding Kennel Cages.

B350Water Bowl Suit Carry Cage
Xsmall (W12 x D9 x H7cm)
Suit CC03/PP10
RRP $7.00  
B271Water Bowl Suit Carry Cage
Small (W12 x D10 x H7.5cm)
Suit CC01/PP20
RRP $7.00  
B275Water Bowl Suit Carry Cage
Large (W14 x D11 x H11cm)
Suit CC10/PP30 & CC02/PP40
-RRP $9.00  
B351Water Bowl Suit Carry Cage
Xlarge (W18 x D14 x H11.5cm)
Suit CC50/PP50 & Larger Sizes
RRP $11.00  
B282Water Funnel Suit Carry CageRRP $7.00  

Square Shaped Wire Carry Cage

This pet transporter carry cage easily sets up and folds down.
A top opening door with handle on top makes it easy to place a pet inside and carry.
The cage consists of two pieces a wire top that has a anti corrosion powder coated finish with rounded corners for your pets protection and a ABS rigid platic base.
The cage is designed for many type of small pets with a weight of between 8-10kgs.
Type of pets: dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and many other pets.
Top opening door.
Rust resistant.
Good ventilation.
Removable tray, easy to clean.
Easy to store and transport.
Simple assembly, no tools required.

CCWC05Square Shaped Wire Carry Cage, top opening door
RRP $49.90