Warning Dog Leads

Our warning dog leads help responsible dog owners to educate the public about their dog's behaviour, thus avoiding any unwanted encounters.
High quality, long-lasting dog lead that has your message woven right into the fabric. As the yarn is woven into the lead, the name will never fade or wear off unlike screen printed leads.
Your message will stay there for life.
Need something different? Talk to us about your requirements.

LCNDL-org"Nervous Dog - Please Give Us Space"
25x120cm - Fluro Orange
RRP $19.95  

Nylon Webbed Leads

Our Nylon Webbed Leads feature a generous hand loop, heavy duty box stitching, and a nickel plated metal shackle for years of dependable use.

blk dkb ltb pur red 
LC663Webbed Lead
RRP $6.94  
LC664Webbed Lead
RRP $7.42  
LC667Webbed Lead
RRP $8.68  
LC668Webbed Lead
RRP $10.94  
LC672Webbed Lead
RRP $9.94  
LC674Webbed Lead
RRP $8.76  
LC676Webbed Lead
RRP $10.56  
LC677Webbed Lead
RRP $11.74 - 
LC678Webbed Lead
RRP $15.52  

Smart Leads

Our Smart Leads are 3 leads in one. The handle is adjustable and utilizes a side release buckle. This built-in adjust-ability allows the lead to be converted from a hand held lead to a waist worn lead with a quick adjustment. The lead can also be clipped around a light post, or tree while you run in for a quick coffee.

blk dkb ltb pur red 
LC675Webbed Smart Lead
RRP $13.92  
LC679Webbed Smart Lead
RRP $15.92  

Nylon Webbed Collars

Heavy duty Nylon Webbing with tough durable plastic side release buckles nickel-plated welded steel D-rings and tri glides for easy adjustment.

blk dkb ltb pur red 
LC634Webbed Collar Adjustable (Suit Puppy)
RRP $6.82 ---- 
LC636Webbed Collar Adjustable
RRP $9.12  
LC630Webbed Collar Adjustable
RRP $9.98 ---- 
LC632Webbed Collar Adjustable
RRP $11.76  

Webbed Doubler Leads

Turn Any Leash into a Multiple Lead. Nylon webbing 2-Way Doublers allows you to walk two dogs more efficiently on one lead.

blk dkb ltb pur red 
LC691Webbed Doubler Leads
RRP $14.46  
LC690Webbed Doubler Leads
RRP $14.98  

Seat Belt Strap

LC539Seat Belt Strap
25mm Shackle with Car Seat Belt Clip
Universal & adjustable
25mmx35-55cm - Black
-RRP $11.90  
LC538Seat Belt Strap
25mm Shackle with Car Seat Belt Clip
Universal & adjustable
25mmx50-85cm - Black
RRP $13.12  
LC537Seat Belt Strap
25mm Shackles on both ends, used to secure pet in a truck or Ute.
25mmx40-55cm - Black
RRP $11.90  
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Car Restraint Safety Belt

"Car Restraint Safety Belt" is used to restrain your dog from moving about your vehicle preventing distraction whilst driving.
Designed to be used with a harness.

LC536Car Restraint Safety Belt - BlackRRP $8.95  
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Universal Restraint 2nd Generation

The K9 Homes Pet Products 2nd Generation has additional features from our original Seatbelt Headrest Restraint for Dogs. Designed to be used with your car headrest rather than just the seat belt clip or seat belt strap.
Place the loop around your back seat headrest, and then secure and fasten onto your dogs harness via the 360-degree rotation metal snap.
This allows your dog to sit, stand and lie down comfortably or reach to see out the window. Keeps your dog from jumping around while you are driving.
Easy to use and multi-functional. It can be used in a car and also convert to a traditional hand-held leash whenever you need it. Makes it easy to go from car to walking in seconds, just unclip from the headrest and off you go!
In addition, you can use the headrest strap to easily secure your dog to a tree or other strong post when out and about, similar to the K9 Homes Pet Products Smart Leads.

Product Features:
Elasticated leash strap to eliminate any jarring to your dog
Reflective leash (Safety at Night)
Fits any vehicle with a headrest
Quick and easy to use
Safe and comfortable for your dog
Can be used as a traditional leash

Headrest Strap 40-65cm adjustable
Lead Length 35-65cm adjustable

LCCR022-blkDog Seat Belt, locking Carabiner snap, 2nd Gen with Reflective Tape
25mm - Black
RRP $22.95  
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Printed Webbed Lead

Dog Leads that promote your Vet Practice, Pet Store or Company.
The K-9 Homes Pet Products EASY PROMOTION DOG LEAD are a high quality, long lasting dog lead that has your company name and telephone number or any other details you would like woven right into the fabric. As the yarn is woven into the lead, the name will never wear off unlike screen printed leads.
Every time one of your customers use your EASY PROMOTION DOG LEAD they are actively helping to advertise your business.
Quantity and Volume pricing applies to this product, no matter your requirement from 100pcs to 10,000pcs we cater for your needs.
Call K-9 Homes to discuss quantities and pricing, you will be surprised at value for money.

LC661Printed webbed lead
"Print your company name"
Price varies on Quantity to order.
25x120cm - To Customer Requirements
-RRP $4.95