Christmas Candy Canes

K917022Rawhide Candy Canes 10 pack
RRP $9.05  

Christmas Munchies

XMYF002Munchy Baubles
2.5cm - 12
RRP $3.28  

Christmas Cat Condo

The Christmas Cat Condo with a floor scratch pad, gives your cat a sense of adventure and comfort. Above the entrance there is even a place to write your cats name, wow their own condo.

Made from 100% recycled paper.
Folded cardboard.
No need for glue or tape.
Easily fold away for storage.

K917601Christmas Cat Condo with Scratch Pad Floor
54 x 36 x H40cm
RRP $41.27  

Christmas Circular Scratch Pad

Round Corrugated Scratcher, 2 balls interactive with catnip

K9DCP008-bluCircular Running Ball
Dia 33 x H6cm - Blue
RRP $31.40  
K9DCP008-pnkCircular Running Ball
Dia 33 x H6cm - Pink
RRP $31.40  

Christmas Mice Green and Red

K9IP002Christmas Mice Red and GreenRRP $2.48  

Christmas Mice Striped and Hat

K9IP0012 Christmas Mice with Catnip, Green Stripes and Red HatRRP $6.24  

Christmas Mice in Hats

K9IP003Mice Popping out of Hats with Crinkly HatRRP $7.52  

Christmas Penguins

K9IP004Christmas Hat PenguinsRRP $15.48  

Christmas Cat Stocking

XMHZ203Christmas Cat Toy Stocking
RRP $9.01  

Christmas Mice 6 pack

XMHZ201Christmas Mice
6pcs - Assorted Colours
RRP $13.27  

Christmas Crinkle Cat Tree

K917619 Crinkly Christmas Cat Tree ToyRRP $5.78  

Christmas Mice 2 pack

K9HTPP006Sherpa Mice with HatsRRP $9.83  
K9HTPP0072 mice 1 with HatRRP $9.83  

Christmas Cat Teaser

XMHK118Cat Teaser Stick
with Santa Head & Red Boa
RRP $8.63  
XMHK119Cat Teaser Stick
with Moose Head & Dark Boa
RRP $8.63  
XMHK120Cat Teaser Stick
3 Balls
RRP $7.27