Christmas Cookie Stocking

Stocking filled with Peanut Butter Cookies. The Cookies have been formulated to be a healthy treat with a good source of protein and low in fat!

XMK9400Stocking with 7 Peanut Butter Cookies
5cm Dia each Cookie
RRP $14.95  

Advent Calendar

K9 Homes Pet Products Advent calendar is a special calendar for your favourite dog in the family. Count the days in anticipation of Christmas and with each celebrated day treat your pet with a munchie bone behind each pop out window.

XMWM121Advent Calendar-RRP $11.44  

Dog Christmas Stocking

XMHZ202Christmas Dog Toy Stocking
RRP $11.46  

Christmas Candy Canes

K917022Rawhide Candy Canes 10 pack
-RRP $8.62  
K917022-bukRawhide Candy Canes
5" x 50pcs (Bulk Pack)
-RRP $39.95  

Christmas Rope Tug & Play Toys

XMHZ345Durable Rope Ball with Loop
3"x22cm - Green
RRP $7.50  
XMHZ346Durable Rope Ball with Loop
3"x22cm - Red
RRP $7.50  
XMHZ347Durable Rope Ball Centred
3"x32cm - Green
RRP $7.90  
XMHZ348Durable Rope Ball Centred
3"x32cm - Red
RRP $7.90  

Rein Dog

New Plush Xmas

XMKW426-001Rein Dog Santa Hat
25cm - Dark Brown
RRP $13.95  
XMKW426-002Rein Dog Antlers
25cm - Light Brown
RRP $13.95  

Dog Christmas Plush Toy

X19HT006Plush Bear
13 x 39cm
RRP $11.90  
K9HTPP021Christmas Plush Reindeer
23 x 26cm
-RRP $11.90  

Christmas Monkeys (Plush)

X19HT004Plush Monkey
22 x 28.5cm - Red
RRP $12.80  
X19HT002Plush Monkey
22 x 28.5cm - Brown
RRP $12.80  

Quad Christmas Plush Toys

DT170Plush Toy
45 x 20cm - Bugundy
RRP $11.88  
DT171Plush Toy
45 x 20cm - Blue
RRP $11.88  
DT172Plush Toy
45 x 20cm - Green
RRP $11.88  
DT173Plush Toy
45 x 20cm - Orange
RRP $11.88  

Christmas Plush Rope

X19HT005Plush Reindeer with Rope & Legs
27 x 36cm
RRP $6.48  

Christmas Dog Leads

Great product for store loyalty giveaway over the Christmas period

XMWD001Printed "Merry Christmas" Leads
25 X 120cm - Red/White
RRP $9.95  
XMWD002Printed "Merry Christmas" Leads
25 x 120cm - Green/White
RRP $9.95  

Christmas Plush Snowman

X19HT001Plush Snowman
19 x 27cm
-RRP $12.40  

Christmas Cat Condo

The Christmas Cat Condo with a floor scratch pad, gives your cat a sense of adventure and comfort. Above the entrance there is even a place to write your cats name, wow their own condo.

Made from 100% recycled paper.
Folded cardboard.
No need for glue or tape.
Easily fold away for storage.

K917601Christmas Cat Condo with Scratch Pad Floor
54 x 36 x H40cm
RRP $41.27  
K917601-5Christmas Cat Condo 5 pcs
54 x 36 x H40cm
-RRP $100.00  

Christmas Cat Teaser

Christmas themed interactive Cat teaser stick.
An important toy for your cat to keep fit and active, both mentally and physically.
A stimulating and fun activity toy for both yourself and your Cat.

XMHK118Cat Teaser Stick
with Santa Head & Red Boa
RRP $88.22  
XMHK120Cat Teaser Stick
3 Balls
RRP $6.92  

Christmas Ball Feathered

K9IP005-grnChristmas Ball with Rattle and Feather
14 x 5cm - Green
RRP $3.36  
K9IP005-redChristmas Ball with Rattle and Feather
14 x 5cm - Red
RRP $3.36  

Mouse with Scarf

X19IP177Mouse with Scarf
L14cm x 6cm; L20cm incl. Tail
RRP $6.50  

Costume Christmas Mice

X19IP155Mice in Santa Suit and Hat
9 x 4cm ;L16cm incl. Tail
RRP $7.06  

Christmas Mice 2 pack

Set of mice festive Cat toys for your cat to celebrate this Christmas!

K9HTPP006Sherpa Mice with Hats
(2 Pieces). L10 x 6cm; L16cm incl. Tail
RRP $8.92  

Christmas Cat Stocking

Treat your Cat to a Christmas stocking stuffed full of Cat toys
Designed to keep your Cat entertained at the busiest time of the year. Your Cat will feel part of the festive season this year with their new Christmas toys.

XMHZ203Christmas Cat Toy Stocking
RRP $8.58