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Stainless Steel Bowls

Our Stainless Steel Bowls are made out of an easy to clean and hygienic stay-bright stainless steel (Grade 201), the bowl is suitable for food or water and does not retain odours.
-Dishwasher safe.
-Safe for raw and fresh food diets.

BSD001Stainless Steel Bowl
11 x 2.75cm (150ml)
RRP $7.95  
BSD010Stainless Steel Bowl
13 x 5cm (350ml)
RRP $8.95  
BSD020Stainless Steel Bowl
22 x 6cm (1600ml)
RRP $11.95  

Foldable Travel Bowl

The perfect ultralight dog travel bowl that packs into itself for ultimate portability.
-Lightweight and compact
-Easy to carry and store
-Waterproof interior to hold liquid or food
-Attachment to Belt or leash included
-Easy cleaning

SP200-BLKTravel Bowl
Dia 16x12cm - Black
RRP $10.56  
SP200-GRYTravel Bowl
Dia 16x12cm - Grey
RRP $10.56  

Heavy Duty Plastic Bowls - Small

blk blu pnk pur red 
B342Heavy Duty Plastic Bowls
Small 16cm
RRP $5.38  

Heavy Duty Plastic Bowls - Large

blk blu pnk pur red 
B340Heavy Duty Plastic Bowls
Large 24cm
RRP $7.20  

Double Diner

Economical double diner bowl. Tough and durable easy to clean.

blk blu pnk pur red 
B310Heavy Duty Double Diner
285ml per Side
RRP $4.96  

Cage Bowls

Food/Water bowls and Water Funnels for Flight Carriers, Carry Cages, Boarding Kennel Cages.

B350Water Bowl Suit Carry Cage
Xsmall (W12 x D9 x H7cm)
RRP $7.00  
B271Water Bowl Suit Carry Cage
Small (W12 x D10 x H7.5cm)
RRP $7.00  
B275Water Bowl Suit Carry Cage
Large (W14 x D11 x H11cm)
-RRP $9.00  
B351Water Bowl Suit Carry Cage
Xlarge (W18 x D14 x H11.5cm)
RRP $11.00  
B282Water Funnel Suit Carry CageRRP $7.00