Long Neck Skivvies

K-9 Homes Long Neck coats are specially designed to fit the curves of the Greyhound, Whippet, Italian Greyhound and similar type breeds. The coat features a premium grade heavy weight anti-pill polar fleece outer and liner giving double insulation properties for extra warmth. This heavyweight fleece offers unparalleled quality and durability and is suitable for cold-weather activities. The Snood style neck can be folded back into a deep turtle neck, Velcro strap at the chest.

Ideal for wearing at night, or after washing or grooming.
Keeps your dog's body temperature warm.

-Double thickness anti-pill Polar Fleece
-Snood style neck for added warmth
-Velcro fastening
-Machine washable
-Australian Made

Size        Neck            Length
40cm      25-30cm      35-40cm
50cm      30-40cm      45-55cm
60cm      40-50cm      55-60cm
70cm      45-55cm      65-70cm
80cm      50-60cm      75-80cm
90cm      60-65cm      85-90cm

DCLN40-bluLong Neck Skivvy
40cm - Blue
RRP $49.48  
DCLN40-gryLong Neck Skivvy
40cm - Grey
RRP $49.48  
DCLN40-mleLong Neck Fur
40cm - Mocha Leopard
-RRP $111.96  
DCLN40-purLong Neck Skivvy
40cm - Purple
RRP $49.48  
DCLN40-redLong Neck Skivvy
40cm - Red
RRP $49.48  
DCLN40-tqbLong Neck Skivvy
40cm - Turquoise Blue
-RRP $49.48  
DCLN50-bluLong Neck Skivvy
50cm - Blue
-RRP $55.82  
DCLN50-gryLong Neck Skivvy
RRP $57.48  
DCLN50-mleLong Neck Fur
50cm - Mocha Leopard
-RRP $115.26  
DCLN50-purLong Neck Skivvy
50cm - Purple
RRP $55.82  
DCLN50-pnkWhippet with s/neck 50cm Pink
50cm - Pink
RRP $30.00  
DCLN50-redLong Neck Skivvy
50cm - Red
-RRP $55.82  
DCLN50-tqbLong Neck Skivvy
50cm - Turquoise Blue
RRP $55.82  
DCLN60-bluLong Neck Skivvy
60cm - Blue
-RRP $60.34  
DCLN60-purLong Neck Skivvy
60cm - Purple
RRP $60.34  
DCLN60-redLong Neck Skivvy
60cm - Red
RRP $60.34  
DCLN60-tqbLong Neck Skivvy
60cm - Turquoise Blue
RRP $60.34  
DCLN70-bluLong Neck Skivvy
70cm - Blue
RRP $75.02  
DCLN70-gryLong Neck Skivvy
70cm - Grey
RRP $77.28  
DCLN70-purLong Neck Skivvy
70cm - Purple
RRP $75.02  
DCLN70-redLong Neck Skivvy
70cm - Red
RRP $75.02  
DCLN70-tqbLong Neck Skivvy
70cm - Turquoise Blue
RRP $75.02  
DCLN80-bluLong Neck Skivvy
80cm - Blue
-RRP $80.96  
DCLN80-gryLong Neck Skivvy
80cm - Grey
-RRP $83.38  
DCLN80-purLong Neck Skivvy
80cm - Purple
RRP $80.96  
DCLN80-redLong Neck Skivvy
80cm - Red
-RRP $80.96  
DCLN80-tqbLong Neck Skivvy
80cm - Turquoise Blue
RRP $80.96  
DCLN90-bluLong Neck Skivvy
90cm - Blue
RRP $82.78  
DCLN90-gryLong Neck Skivvy
90cm - Grey
RRP $82.78  
DCLN90-purLong Neck Skivvy
90cm - Purple
RRP $86.95  
DCLN90-redLong Neck Skivvy
90cm - Red
RRP $86.95  
DCLN90-tqbLong Neck Skivvy
90cm - Turquoise Blue
-RRP $86.95