Long Neck Skivvies

K-9 Homes Long Neck coats are specially designed to fit the curves of the Whippet, Italian Greyhound, Greyhound, and similar type breeds. The Long Neck coat features a premium grade heavy weight anti-pill polar fleece outer and liner giving double insulation properties for extra warmth. This heavy weight fleece, offers unparalleled quality and durability, and is suitable for cold-weather activities. The neck can be rolled over, Velcro strap at the chest.

Ideal for wearing at night, after washing or grooming.
Bedtime. Keeps your dogs body temperature warm. Machine washable.

Size, Neck, Length
40cm, 25-30cm, 35-40cm
50cm, 30-40cm, 45-55cm
60cm, 40-50cm, 55-60cm
70cm, 45-55cm, 65-70cm
80cm, 50-60cm, 75-80cm

DCLN40-bluLong Neck Skivvy
40cm - Blue
-RRP $49.48  
DCLN40-purLong Neck Skivvy
40cm - Purple
RRP $49.48  
DCLN40-redLong Neck Skivvy
40cm - Red
RRP $49.48  
DCLN40-tqbLong Neck Skivvy
40cm - Turquoise Blue
RRP $49.48  
DCLN50-bluLong Neck Skivvy
50cm - Blue
RRP $55.82  
DCLN50-purLong Neck Skivvy
50cm - Purple
-RRP $55.82  
DCLN50-redLong Neck Skivvy
50cm - Red
RRP $55.82  
DCLN50-tqbLong Neck Skivvy
50cm - Turquoise Blue
-RRP $55.82  
DCLN60-bluLong Neck Skivvy
60cm - Blue
-RRP $60.34  
DCLN60-purLong Neck Skivvy
60cm - Purple
RRP $60.34  
DCLN60-redLong Neck Skivvy
60cm - Red
RRP $60.34  
DCLN60-tqbLong Neck Skivvy
60cm - Turquoise Blue
RRP $60.34  
DCLN70-bluLong Neck Skivvy
70cm - Blue
-RRP $75.02  
DCLN70-purLong Neck Skivvy
70cm - Purple
-RRP $75.02  
DCLN70-redLong Neck Skivvy
70cm - Red
RRP $75.02  
DCLN70-tqbLong Neck Skivvy
70cm - Turquoise Blue
RRP $75.02  
DCLN80-bluLong Neck Skivvy
80cm - Blue
RRP $80.96  
DCLN80-purLong Neck Skivvy
80cm - Purple
-RRP $80.96  
DCLN80-redLong Neck Skivvy
80cm - Red
RRP $80.96  
DCLN80-tqbLong Neck Skivvy
80cm - Turquoise Blue
RRP $80.96