Customised Branded Products

K9 Homes Pet Products offer many options to enable their customers to brand product under their store name allowing the customer distinct differences between them and their competitors, giving the opportunity to generate greater profit margins.

Selling or gifting of branded product is like putting your business card into your customers hand every day. Do not be surprised at the immediate benefits you get from your current and perspective customers.

The images included here are just a few suggestions, we can further tailor these ideas to meet your requirements.

Call us to discuss your needs.

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Dried Liver - Private Label

Promote your business with customised packaging / private branding.
Have your company logo and address details printed onto the Liver jars. Great idea for customer retention.
Call us to discuss the benefits.
A tasty reward treat for all breeds. Can be used as a training treat or a simple reward. The nature of the beef liver enables the liver to be snapped into suitable sizing.

(P) Promote your business with customised packaging. Have your Logo and details printed onto the Liver Jars. Great idea for customer retention. Call us to discuss the benefits.

Ingredients: 100% Beef Liver.
No Additives or Preservatives

PDLP02Private Label Liver
Includes 2kg Bulk Liver
12 x 150gsm Company Logo Jars Liver
RRP $195.04  
PDLP05Private Label Liver
Includes 5kg Bulk Liver
18 x 150gsm Company Logo Jars Liver
RRP $346.56  
PDLP10Private Label Liver
Includes 10kg Bulk Liver
24 x 150gsm Company Logo Jars Liver
RRP $542.08  
PDLP18Private Label Liver
Includes 18 x 150gsm Company Logo Jars Liver
RRP $196.56  
PDLPSTPrivate Label Company Logo Artwork feeRRP $20.00  

Clean Cannister - Private Label

Waste Bag Dispenser & Refills that promote your Business.
Have your Company Name, Phone Number & even your Company Logo printed on the product. Call us to discuss other options or even other items that can carry the private labeling.

DT130Private Labeling Cleanup Canister
Order quantity in multiples of 15pcs
-RRP $9.00  
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Printed Webbed Lead

Dog Leads that promote your Vet Practice, Pet Store or Company.
The K-9 Homes Pet Products EASY PROMOTION DOG LEAD are a high quality, long lasting dog lead that has your company name and telephone number or any other details you would like woven right into the fabric. As the yarn is woven into the lead, the name will never wear off unlike screen printed leads.
Every time one of your customers use your EASY PROMOTION DOG LEAD they are actively helping to advertise your business.
Quantity and Volume pricing applies to this product, no matter your requirement from 100pcs to 10,000pcs we cater for your needs.
Call K-9 Homes to discuss quantities and pricing, you will be surprised at value for money.

LC661Printed webbed lead
"Print your company name"
Price varies on Quantity to order.
25x120cm - To Customer Requirements
RRP $5.95