Walk Leash Dispenser Bag

Don't look around for random bags and stuff them in your pockets before every walk with your dog. The K9 Homes Pet Products "walk leash dispenser bag" will make walking your dog a better organised and responsible experience.
-Convenient, lightweight and stylish
-Available in different colours
-Attaches to a lead, harness or belt
-Additional pockets for keys, money and cards
-Machine washable

SP201-BLKWaste Bag Dispenser
75x110x40mm - Black
RRP $14.42  
SP201-BLUWaste Bag Dispenser
75x110x40mm - Dark Blue
RRP $12.42  
SP201-GRYWaste Bag Dispenser
75x110x40mm - Grey
RRP $14.42  

Litter Control - Pan & Scoop

For picking up animal waste around the yard. Shovel & Scoop handles made of Galvanized steel, Scoop & pan enamel coated for ease of cleaning.

B244-1Pooper Scooper Pan and Scoop - Black-RRP $24.64  
B244-6Pooper Scooper Pan and Scoop (6 Pack) - Black-RRP $127.48  

Pooper Scooper - Pan & Scoop

For picking up animal waste around the yard. Shovel & Scoop handles made of Galvanized steel, Scoop & pan powder coated for ease of cleaning.

B243Heavy Duty Pooper Scooper Pan and Scoop.
Standard - Blue
RRP $33.54  

Litter Tray Deep

An economical good sized, deep Cat Litter Tray, constructed with rounded coners. Allows for easy to clean and disposal of litter.

blk blu pnk pur red 
B317Cat Litter Tray Deep
RRP $6.76  

Litter Tray Liners

K9 Homes Pet Products scented, elasticated Litter Tray Liners are a clean, hygienic and convenient way to clean up after your cat.
Completely degradable plastic.

The Liner bags makes life easier!
As the name suggests, the scented, elasticated litter tray liners are placed inside your cat's litter tray and fastened around the edges with elastic, then fill with litter. When the time comes to empty the tray, all you need to do is lift out the litter tray liner complete with litter and dispose of the entire lot. A cat litter tray liner not only makes it easier to remove the litter but can also help prevent residue from urine building up inside the litter tray, helping to make it last longer.
Cat litter tray bags make it infinitely easier to keep your cat's litter tray clean and hygienic, making scrubbing and regularly replacing the litter tray a thing of the past.

Fits Medium to Large size Litter Trays

CT111Elasticated Litter Tray Liners
Fits most standard size litter trays.
Universal Sizing (8 Bags per Box)
RRP $9.45  

Cat Litter Scoop

A durable plastic cat litter scoop.
This litter scoop makes it easy to keep your cats litter tray clean.

B242-blkCat Litter Scoop - BlackRRP $2.86  
B242-bluCat Litter Scoop - BlueRRP $2.86  
B242-pnkCat Litter Scoop - PinkRRP $2.86  
B242-purCat Litter Scoop - PurpleRRP $2.86  
B242-redCat Litter Scoop - RedRRP $2.86  

Litter Tray with Sieve

The K9 Homes Pet Products Oval Cat Litter Tray is fitted with a sand sifting bottom tray and a top outer rim to prevent litter scatter.
This litter tray is ideal for cats who do not like covered litter boxes and you will love the fact it is fitted with a top outer rim that helps prevent litter Scatter.
Collecting waste from the oval tray is made easy by the sand sifter. Simply lift and shake the tray to clear solid waste.

B314-blkOval Shaped Cat Litter Tray with Sieve
L60 x W40 x H17cm - Black
-RRP $41.90  
B314-bluOval Shaped Cat Litter Tray with Sieve
L60 x W40 x H17cm - Blue
RRP $41.90  

Cleanup Cannister

DT140Clean up bags dispenserRRP $8.00  
LTC001Clean up refill bags
120 Bags
RRP $8.00  
DT141Clean up refill bags
80 Bags
-RRP $9.58  

Clean Cannister - Private Label

Waste Bag Dispenser & Refills that promote your Business.
Have your Company Name, Phone Number & even your Company Logo printed on the product. Call us to discuss other options or even other items that can carry the private labeling.

DT130Private Labeling Cleanup Canister
Order quantity in multiples of 15pcs
-RRP $9.00  

Deep Sided Litter Trays

The K9 Homes Deep Sided Litter Tray is a high sided tray with a rim around the top to prevent litter being kicked out. This litter tray is ideal for cats who do not like covered litter boxes.
Made from high quality Poly Prop. composite material makes for a tough and durable product.
Raised sides are so good to help prevent litter spill.

B343-blkDeep Sided Cat Litter Tray Black Base with Beige Rim
59x45xH26cm - Black
-RRP $36.45  
B343-brnDeep Sided Cat Litter Tray Brown Base with Beige Rim
59x45xH26cm - Brown
-RRP $36.65  
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Cat/Kitten Starter Kit

The Cat/Kitten Starter Kit takes the hassle out of stocking many single items, instead 1 pack gives you everything needed for your customer to get up and running with their new addition to the family.
-All plastic ware and Cat litter Made in Australia
What the Kit includes
Litter Tray
Litter Scoop
Double Dinner
Collar with Bell

LT001-blkStarter Kit - BlackRRP $30.30  
LT001-bluStarter Kit - BlueRRP $30.30  
LT001-pnkStarter Kit - PinkRRP $30.30  
LT001-purStarter Kit - PurpleRRP $30.30  
LT001-redStarter Kit - RedRRP $30.30