Chicken Jerky

Chicken Breast Jerky Dog Treats are 100% Natural, 100% Tasty, and Contains NO Additives or Flavourings. The breast meat is sourced from Australian Farmed Chickens.
The treats are easily broken into smaller pieces for smaller dogs, or for when using as a training treat.
-No Artificial Flavourings
-No Preservatives
-100% Chicken Meat
-Low in Fat
-High in Protein
-Gluten Free
Natural dried meat is a real delicacy for every dog and can be an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Made in Australia.

DC460Chicken Jerky
1kg - Natural
-RRP $69.95  

Training Treat Bag

Dog owners know the importance of having treats on hand. Especially if you're training a puppy, a treat pouch can be a lifesaver! You want something that's easy to access and keeps treats fresh. K9 Homes Training Treat Bag is the ideal choice for every dog owner.
The Training Treat Bag is proven to be durable, convenient, easy to clean and affordable for any budget!

What makes the K9 Homes Pet Product Training Treat Bag so good?

Durability-Long lasting.
Capacity-Larger capacity than most treat bags.
Security-Has a top drawstring closure to keep treats fresh and from spilling out.
Ease of use-It is hands-free and easy to carry with clip to belt fixture.
Extra features-Mesh breathable front pocket.

SP204-BLUTreat Training Bag
Dia 19cm x 15cm - Blue
-RRP $12.88  

Training Leads

Dog training leads are especially useful tool for training bouncy friendly dogs. An invaluable tool for any dog owner.

LC637-bluSoft Feel Training Lead
2mt - Blue
RRP $19.95  
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Tracking Lead

Tracking Leads are generally used for recall training, general training and tracking. Our standard lead is 10mt in length, with either 15mm or 25mm in width and is constructed using our Comfy Soft Feel webbing.
New 15mm width caters for puppies and small dogs, with a "small dog friendly" snap.
Tracking leads are also useful to keep in control those dogs that need to run but can't be trusted to come back!
Not quite what you are looking for?
Call us and we can custom make a length or width to suit your requirements.

LC638-15-blkTracking Lead
10mt x 15mm - Black
RRP $40.00  
LC638-15-bluTracking Lead
10mt x 15mm - Blue
RRP $40.00  
LC638-15-purTracking Lead
10mt x 15mm - Purple
RRP $40.00  
LC638-15-redTracking Lead
10mt x 15mm - Red
RRP $40.00  
LC638-25-blkTracking Lead
10mt x 25mm - Black
RRP $40.00  
LC638-25-bluTracking Lead
10mt x 25mm - Blue
RRP $40.00  
LC638-25-purTracking Lead
10mt x 25mm - Purple
RRP $40.00  
LC638-25-redTracking Lead
10mt x 25mm - Red
RRP $40.00  

Connector Safety Strap

A simple backup strap for our dogs collars, harness or halter.
Used commonly whilst training your dog the strap gives you back up security for those that manage to unexpectedly escape.
The Connector Safety Strap easily attaches from your dogs collar to harness or halter.
Peace of mind is what you need whilst training or walking your dog.

LC639-bluConnector Safety Strap
19cm - Blue
-RRP $9.95