4 Seasons New Gen Oxford Coat (Grey/Black)

The K-9 Homes Pet Products Four Seasons 2-in-1 New Gen Dog Coat, provides total adaptability to the weather as the inner liner is removable. The outer shell of the coat is waterproof and windproof nylon Rip Stop.
The inner liner has a polar fleece material which is filled with a polyester insulating fibre to provide warmth and comfort to protect against the cold. The inner liner can be removed, leaving a lightweight, waterproof breathable jacket.
This coat also features full chest protection, rear leg straps and leash hole for easy lead and collar attachment. The jacket is finished off with reflective velcro strap and tape for night visibility.

DCFS30-gryNew Gen Oxford Coat
30cm - Grey/Black
RRP $29.78  
DCFS35-gryNew Gen Oxford Coat
35cm - Grey/Black
RRP $32.68  
DCFS40-gryNew Gen Oxford Coat
40cm - Grey/Black
RRP $37.08  
DCFS45-gryNew Gen Oxford Coat
45cm - Grey/Black
RRP $40.80  
DCFS50-gryNew Gen Oxford Coat
50cm - Grey/Black
RRP $44.96  
DCFS55-gryNew Gen Oxford Coat
55cm - Grey/Black
RRP $50.56